Shenzhen RedFarm Technology CO LTD

Shenzhen RedFarm Technology CO LTD Shenzhen RedFarm Technology CO LTD Shenzhen RedFarm Technology CO LTD Shenzhen RedFarm Technology CO LTD
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Shenzhen RedFarm Technology CO LTD
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Business Type: Manufacturer
Main Market: North America
Western Europe
Brands: RedFarm
No. of Employees: 100~100
Annual Sales: 5000000-10000000
Year Established: 2013
Export p.c: 90% - 100%
Certificate: CE/RoHS/FCC/ETL/SAA
About Us

RedFarm is a high-tech enterprise with 4500sqm factory area which has been specialized in LED grow lighting solutions for 9 years offline,ODM OEM IDM for popular brands and online trading companies,including research, development, production.RedFarm is aiming to provide both domestic and foreign customers with high-quality products and service.



The main products for RedFarm are led grow lights, control system and other relative components. As one of the leading led grow lights supplier in China,RedFarm had been authorized by Samsung and Osram.All of our products are patented and certificated to CE,RoHS,FCC,ETL ,UL8800.Our products are mainly exported to Europe,North America,Australia.We want to create the best possible plant grow lights available. This means we don’t always worry about providing the cheapest light or even the most profitable light, but it does mean that we don’t cut any corners.


Holding the philosophy of "Maximum profits, Exceptional crop performance", we strive to provide professional services, especially we can provide the most suitable products according to your needs, and at the same time, we can maximize the cost savings.


Leave us a message info@redfarmledgrowlight.com or WhatsApp (+86) 134 1097 3788 we will reply within 12hours.


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RedFarm devotes to be a professional LED grow lights ODM OEM IDM manufacturer.
RedFarm notes that most of new LED grow light suppliers in the market recently advertise their cheap low level lighting equipments with super high performance,these low quality fixtures were energy inefficient, quick luminous decay and bad efficacy performance by use less LED diodes,low heat conductive circuit board etc.
These cheap low quality and performance led fixtures use less led quantity, low conductive heat sink and pcb board etc, by false claiming the lamp efficacy, most of the growers cheated by their advertisement. when growers got these low quality lights and after grow a long time but with bad harvest,growers say something bad to led fixtures. Redfarm hope all the growers can get good led lights,know leds better,thenTo help buyers knowing what they pay for and what is real good led light ,Redfarm offers free testing service for them who have no ability to test themself.
Feel free to contact us to get your light test report.(below report)

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Our Team

Redfarm was founded in 2013, by a group of close friends and garden plants growing enthusiasts. The vegetable garden and commercial cannabis growing was rather dull and lack of innovation back then, growers were using equipments that had been around for years if not decades, they were lighting their plants using lighting equipments such as HID,MH and HPS.

Most of these lighting equipments were energy inefficient, requires frequent replacement due to luminous decay and their performance were not satisfactory. While searching for better lighting equipments but with no avail, an idea stuck our founders. Why don't we build something ourselves, something that's energy efficient, that can provide great performance for its value and being innovative at the same time? That something turned out to be our first generation LED lighting system, and thus Redfarm was founded.

Throughout these years, we are still very passionate about our hobby, we reflect this through the products that we design, manufacture and bring to the hands of our customers. In the future, we will continue to amaze our customers with products of our passion and innovation.




RedFarm lights have been designed to maximize your crop yields, in both quantity and quality. Our compact light design and high-intensity LEDs allow you to get any light intensity level (PPFD) you need, ensuring you can make the most of your available growing area. Our LEDs spread light out evenly over the entire footprint to ensure that plants growing on the edges don't suffer from a lack of light.

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Beyond just delivering intensity, our unique Marsgrow Spectrum controls how plants grow, directing more of their energy to producing flowers and fruit instead of stems and leaves. The ratio of different colors of light keeps the plants more compact, so you can fit more in your growing area. Ultraviolet and deep blue wavelengths in our lights provide superior canopy penetration, nourishing lower leaves and flowers so you can harvest more per square foot.
In fact, our lights regularly and consistently deliver double to triple the industry-standard grams per square foot.

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