5 Common LED commercial Grow Lighting System Mistakes

September 18, 2021

The LED growth lighting has become popular in the field of indoor farming and commercial greenhouse industries. The growers who use Commercial Grow Led Lights to get the results of decreased production cost with increasing yield. This is the fancy light that is used for commercial as well as residential purposes. But now, these are also used in the horticultural industry that will boost the photosynthetic process. These are used as a supplement to plants. But still, there are growers who make some mistakes; those are listed below.

What are the common mistakes that growers make?

  1. Selecting wrong light spectrum

To make proper growth in plants, it needs proper light spectrum in each stage. Most of the growers don't have any idea about this, and as a result, the plants starve for growth. So, for this, you should understand the process of photosynthesis. Changing the spectrum helps the plants to grow at a faster rate.

  1. Insufficient lighting

While installing Commercial Greenhouse Grow Lights, you should have an idea about the quantity. The higher the number of plants, the higher you should use the LED lighting. The intensity of luminosity is important to consider while setting up the light.

  1. Overheating of plants

When you put so many LED lights with the wrong spectrum, then the plants can overheat. The common signs that the plants can be overheated are the burning of leaves and wilting. Lights deliver a low limit of heat, but when you set this very close to the leaves, then it can damage all your plants. So, overall you should have an idea about the height of setting LED light. You should give proper ventilation to your plants. Ensure the distance, height, and spectrum of light.

  1. Overwatering the plants

The LED lights deliver significantly low lights as compared to the standard lights. Sometimes because of the decreased temperature of lightning, the water may not evaporate as quickly as it should be. It causes the overwatering of plants that will damage the plant's health.

  1. By using inferior products

Most of the time, the growers don't have an idea about the product quality. They consider quantity in the case of quality, and here, the problem arises. By choosing the damaged and inexpensive LED lightning, you damaged the condition of your plants. Therefore, Full spectrum LED's are the most recommended to commercial growers. Light is the most important part of the growth of plants. So, choose the best Commercial Led Grow Lights Manufacturer that fit with the requirements, not with your pocket.


If you are also making the same mistakes, then this is the right time to overcome them by adding Commercial Greenhouse Led Grow Lights.